Potsdam   -  This is not only the famous palaces and gardens.  Potsdam is much more.

Potsdam is a beautiful city in a fantastic landscape.  She is situated on an island surrounded by Havel river,  numerous lakes and canals. Deep forests invite the guest for hiking with a lot of fresh air. You can relax on the beaches, and you can swim in the lakes. If you like, you can rent a boat. There are a lot of sailers and motor-boats on the lakes. Potsdam is also a city of culture, education and science. Numerous hotels in idyllic position are waiting for guests spending their holiday

potsdam1 potsdam2

View from the roof of the hotel “art´otel” down Havel-river

Potsdamers like aquatics


Potsdam is swimming in water


View on Potsdam city. In the background: lake “Tiefer See”. In the horizon: Berlin

The famous castle of “Sans Souci”


“Inselhotel Potsdam” favourably situated on the island “Hermannswerder”


“Pfaueninsel” (peacock island) in Berlin next to Potsdam. The castle belongs to the Potsdam castles and gardens and it is visiable from Potsdam

Hotel “Bayerischas Haus” position: western off Potsdam in “Wildpark” (forest, used to be preserved for the king´s huntings)



View on “Glienicker Brücke”
This used to be the border between East-Germany and West-Berlin.
In this place exchange of agents took place.

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